Choose the way you want to realise your project.

We offer an array of services, which you can pick and choose from.


All Inclusive Package

You have the idea - we’ll bring the rest.

Experience a custom-tailored video production service which begins with conceptualising a video and ends with handing over the finished product ready for you to release.



So you have an idea and a script (and even possibly a location?) and don’t want us to meddle with it?

That’s fine and we won’t take it personally. We will make sure to capture your idea as truthfully as possible. After going over your script we have a chat about what’s possible and what’s slightly less possible. After we come to an agreement we will fix a date and show up exactly when you need us to so we can take care of all your filming needs.


Ok, you have a bunch of footage and you don’t really have an idea what to do with it?

Or you really, really do but couldn’t make it a reality yet?
No matter the circumstances. You can always send us your pre-recorded footage so that we can help you make your footage tell a story through edit.
Send us your material (and your ideas/what you wish to achieve with it) and we’ll make sure that you get the best out of it!


So you now have a finished project on your hands. What do you want to do with this fresh out-of-the-oven video?

You want it to be ready for YouTube? You want to have a bunch of small teasers for your Instagram of Facebook page? We can develop a release strategy with you and accompany it with trailers and teasers for your desired promotional outlet!