All Inclusive

You have the idea - we’ll bring the rest.
Experience a custom-tailored video production service which begins with conceptualising a video and ends with handing over the finished product, ready for you to release.

We will work with you to get the best possible result for whatever project you want to realise.
After a chat to evaluate the project’s size and complexity we will start working on a concept to later convert it to a script which is a necessary step to materialise your project.

When the first step of conceptualisation is done we will take care of “Capture”.
We’ll fix a date on which we can get together and start filming, also tailored to your project’s needs: Everything from half a day to a week is possible!

So everything has been captured, is it over yet?
Not quite. Now, the process of “Edit” begins.
We sight all the footage and start editing to make your project reality.
Since you are not as involved during post you will have the right to two free revisions if you don’t like the chosen route of editing. We want you to be alongside the ride at all times!

Once your dream project has become a reality we will hand over the project in whatever format you wish, as well as accompanying trailers and teasers,
so that it is instantly ready to “Release” and distribute at your own pace!